Although the Fitness Suite is a relatively new company, the trainers and therapists have been plying their trade for many a successful year. We are pround to have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals, move without pain, ease old injuries, lose weight, or simply help them to enjoy exercise to help nourish their lives.

Some clients have been kind enough to allow us to add their thoughts to the site. They range from professional footballers, to 75 year old quadruple heart bypass patients, to people looking to lose weight, gain confidence, and many others. We can assure you that the comments are 100% genuine, and we at Original movement are proud to share them with you..
Drewe Broughton

Age: 32

I've played professional football for 15 years and along the way have come across and used an assortment of strength and conditioning coaches, physios, chiropractors and masseurs. What Jake provides is a one stop service literally. They have a great knowledge of the mechanics of body and have been able to tailor a programme for me specifically. It has enabled me to get into the best condition I've been in and correct lingering niggles and injuries playing football and training incorrectly for so long had created. I look at the body and training completely differently now.