Original Movement

A unique environment to work out in. With the River Trent a stones throw away, the tranquil setting is the ideal view to really take away any worries and stresses and to focus on yourself.

An exclusive, relaxing studio that truly is unlike any other 'gym' around. The location is matched only by the quality of trainer and therapist that Original Movement has to offer.

With state of the art 'Technogym' and 'Powerplate' technology, as well as everything else you would expect of a fully equipped gym (except the boring sit down machine weights).

A more friendly, unintimidating environment would be hard to find with premier personal training, sports massage, acupuncture and holistic therapies for all to benefit from.

Age and physical condition are not barriers to prevent anyone enjoying a modern and varied style of exercise and movement with major personal benefits. We train everyone from elite athletes to complete novices who are completely new to gym environments.

Functional Therapy

Functional Therapy

Functional therapy is a cutting edge approach to injury rehabilitation and prevention. This style of therapy not only treats the symptoms of injury but also aims to identify and correct the initial cause of the problem. Thorough movement assessments are conducted and the latest corrective techniques are applied to ensure the bodies original movement is restored. Individual training plans specific to client function are then constructed to prevent future injury. Results are fast and effective.


Kinesiology taping has been around for years but only really made big since the Beijing Olympics where several of the medal-winning athletes wore the tape to help performance or protect old injury.

The tape can be used for many reasons including structural, postural or therapeutic reasons, the main benefits being neurosensory improvements from the brain to the muscles.

This basically means when a muscle gets injured sometimes the brain stops or slows down signals to help protect the injured area. This in turn can cause muscle imbalance or malfunction which can cause pain. The nervous system recognizes the injured area again and helps get the muscle firing off again and improving through function.