Original Movement

A unique environment to work out in. With the River Trent a stones throw away, the tranquil setting is the ideal view to really take away any worries and stresses and to focus on yourself.

An exclusive, relaxing studio that truly is unlike any other 'gym' around. The location is matched only by the quality of trainer and therapist that the Fitness Suite has to offer.

With state of the art 'Technogym' and 'Powerplate' technology, as well as everything else you would expect of a fully equipped gym (except the boring sit down machine weights).

A more friendly, unintimidating environment would be hard to find with premier personal training, sports massage, acupuncture and holistic therapies for all to benefit from.

Age and physical condition are not barriers to prevent anyone enjoying a modern and varied style of exercise and movement with major personal benefits. We train everyone from elite athletes to complete novices who are completely new to gym environments.

Osteopathy Musculoskeletal therapy

Osteopathic from PAIN to PERFORMANCE

Osteopathy involves a subtle rebalancing of movement and posture to relieve pain. Whilst osteopaths tend to treat back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraine, they can also help the majority of problems related to muscles, joints and nerves and at Original Movement we specialize in treating sports injuries and integrating treatment with functional exercise.

Information regarding treatment

Osteopathic treatments. Techniques vary based on your condition and personal preference but treatment can include massage, joint articulation and gentle techniques to restore joint movement and alignment also known as ‘Functional’ and ‘Cranial’ techniques. Joint manipulation involves small but fast movements to produce a ‘cavitation’, generally experienced as an audible pop or click.

How long do sessions last? Sessions typically last 30 minutes. Allow approx. 1 hour for the initial assessment to include medical history, medical screens (e.g. blood pressure) and assessment of posture with a short initial treatment. A course of treatment can vary but averages around 4-5 sessions followed by exercise rehabilitation.

Treatment can be performed over clothing suitable for light exercise - shorts, t-shirt or singlet for females is ideal. There may be times where it is necessary to expose areas of skin for medical assessment or treatment, but at all times our patient’s comfort and wellbeing is of paramount importance. Please bring any x-rays, scans (with reports) and specialist letters that relate to the area of pain.

Will I feel sore after treatment? Any treatment can lead to a short-term exacerbation of symptoms and may cause residual soreness, so allow appropriate rest for optimal recovery. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid vigorous activity to aid recovery and allow time for a good treatment response. If you feel concerned at any point following treatment do not hesitate to contact us.

Personal Training and Functional Exercise Therapy

As a follow-on from osteopathic treatment or as a stand-alone service - Personal Training sessions are available that integrate functional exercise, nutritional and lifestyle advice with osteopathic principles.

Functional exercise improves the way we move and in doing so prevents pain and assists performance. Get faster results with cutting edge exercise and program design, motivational goal setting and regular review of progress.


Consultation & Assessment
Individual Treatment
5 Sessions Block Booking

Session lasting 30-40 minutes on average (can be shorter depending on the requirements of your condition).

Pay As You Go
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