Although the Fitness Suite is a relatively new company, the trainers and therapists have been plying their trade for many a successful year. We are pround to have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals, move without pain, ease old injuries, lose weight, or simply help them to enjoy exercise to help nourish their lives.

Some clients have been kind enough to allow us to add their thoughts to the site. They range from professional footballers, to 75 year old quadruple heart bypass patients, to people looking to lose weight, gain confidence, and many others. We can assure you that the comments are 100% genuine, and we at Original movement are proud to share them with you..
Sally Wharmby

Age: 35

I have spent over 5 years working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist.

I have spent the last 4 years studying traditional Chinese medicine and have a First Class Honours degree in acupuncture. My aim is to help treat people suffering with pain, injury, infertility, anxiety or any other physical or mental issue, in a natural way by enabling the body to re-balance itself.

I have treated a whole host of different medical conditions, from back pain to insomnia.

By combining massage and acupuncture, I can provide a thorough treatment of musculo skeletal conditions.

I am currently undertaking a post-graduate diploma in Tuina, which is Chinese therapeutic massage or acupressure. It is such a fantastic massage treatment as it can be used to treat anything from pain to constipation or insomnia and it addresses the underlying cause of pain. People find it incredibly relaxing.