Original Movement

A unique environment to work out in. With the River Trent a stones throw away, the tranquil setting is the ideal view to really take away any worries and stresses and to focus on yourself.

An exclusive, relaxing studio that truly is unlike any other 'gym' around. The location is matched only by the quality of trainer and therapist that Original Movement has to offer.

With state of the art 'Technogym' and 'Powerplate' technology, as well as everything else you would expect of a fully equipped gym (except the boring sit down machine weights).

A more friendly, unintimidating environment would be hard to find with premier personal training, sports massage, acupuncture and holistic therapies for all to benefit from.

Age and physical condition are not barriers to prevent anyone enjoying a modern and varied style of exercise and movement with major personal benefits. We train everyone from elite athletes to complete novices who are completely new to gym environments.

Sports Massage


Is an important means of helping muscles recover from fatigue, by increasing blood and lymph circulation, and removing waste products resulting from exercise. Waste products are removed more efficiently and the supply of nutrients to the muscles is enhanced. This is proven to aid recovery and speed up the training adaptations, thereby helping to prevent overuse injuries.

Benefits of sports massage:

Injury Prevention - One of the most important benefits of sports massage is the prevention of injury by helping to maintain healthy muscles. If an athlete has a tight muscle, this compresses the blood vessels embedded within it and restricts the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles so that they are unable to function at an optimum level. This may increase the chances of suffering injury - such as an overuse-injury or a more serious muscle tear.

Promotes Healing - An injured person is usually less mobile, his/her metabolism and associated healing processes naturally tend to slow down following acute trauma. Sports massage stimulates these processes by warming the tissues, dilating the blood vessels and increasing blood flow, allowing better transportation of elements to the affected tissues and removal of waste products from the area, thereby speeding up the repair process.

Restores Mobility - Massage restores flexibility to the muscles and joint range of motion by reducing muscle tension caused by the body's protective mechanism following injury.

Promotes Confidence - Massage promotes physical and mental relaxation; this state and sense of well-being will reduce tension and anxiety.

Muscular Skeletal Imbalances - Maintaining healthy muscles will help prevent injury. It is not sufficient to address problems with individual muscles or muscle groups without looking at the body (Every muscle group) as a whole. Parts of the body do not work independently without affecting other areas.

Sports massage has a wide variety of benefits for the body: physical, emotional, neural and hormonal.