Although the Fitness Suite is a relatively new company, the trainers and therapists have been plying their trade for many a successful year. We are pround to have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals, move without pain, ease old injuries, lose weight, or simply help them to enjoy exercise to help nourish their lives.

Some clients have been kind enough to allow us to add their thoughts to the site. They range from professional footballers, to 75 year old quadruple heart bypass patients, to people looking to lose weight, gain confidence, and many others. We can assure you that the comments are 100% genuine, and we at Original movement are proud to share them with you..
Steve Aylward

Age: 32

I started up Original Movement and The Fitness Suite over a year ago, mainly because of the way that larger companies use this industry as a conveyor belt to churn out average personal trainers and practitioners to be sales people, and solely generate money, rather than put the experiences of people first.

My sporting career was cut short due to injury. If I had known then what I know now, who knows, but there is no substitute for experience. So I decided to train people in what I could no longer do.

I have trained many different people, from elite athletes to 75 year olds with major health problems, as well as children's camps ever since. For 15 years in all, with 4 years at university sandwiched in between, I have dedicated myself to providing professional personal training.

I hope my knowledge and passion for the industry will continue to motivate people for years to come, as I am lucky to love walking into work every morning. My fellow trainers and I have enjoyed great success in our industry, and long may it continue.