Our Philosophy

Most exercise and training regimes were designed in the 60’s by bodybuilders, or people who wanted to tone individual muscles. The two main problems with this are: the 60’s were a long time ago, and muscles never work individually in life (except the heart).

The body is a chain, our movements are a chain of events, which can change and adapt dependent on the stresses put upon them. Life has changed drastically for humans in the last 50 years, in fact probably more so than ever before. Very few of us have manual jobs anymore; in fact, very few of us are anywhere near as active and mobile as our bodies have been used to for millennia.

It is our vision at Original Movement to modernise our training regimes, taking away the seated, static, one-dimensional training, and pulling it into modern day life. To aid the body to fulfil its full range of movements that office work, driving, watching TV, and most people’s general, everyday lives encourage. Our poor bodies need to be re-programmed to how they have worked since we started walking on two feet.

Picture any gym you have ever walked into: sit down weights; pushing your hands up, or your legs out.
Imagine magically taking away the weights and leaving the individual – how strange would it look. It would bear no resemblance to our lives, so why do we do it?

Our legs are rarely involved nor our core, so the muscles rarely work in the way they should. What are exercises? They are boring, not challenging and largely ineffective. No wonder gyms are generally seen as boring and met with a sigh.

Stand up, use your muscles as a chain of reaction, work your core, rotate, twist, and challenge your brain. Wake up your body and mind.

Let’s bring exercise into the 21st Century.

Generally, this is why we have aches and pains. Our body is crying out to go back to its Original Movements.
Body Intelligence: Redefined.